Are you looking for a Singapore Wills Lawyer to draft your Will for a nett fixed price of S$200* and collected on the same day?

At Lavocat Law, we understand that having your Last Will and Testament drawn up is a major decision to make. We aim to make the process as simple and affordable as possible and provide same day on-the-spot drafting.

*Cost: $200 (HDB) / $500 (private property/overseas assets)

Our wills drafting MUST include ALL your current and future assets and covers most complexities. You do not have to state everything you own in your Will.

Our fees are based on assets classes you currently own:
- $200 if you currently own a hdb or have no property
- $500 if you currently own at least one private property or want to include overseas assets
- If your current TOTAL asset value is more than $2 million, please contact us for a quote
- If you have overseas assets but wish to exclude it from your Will, there will be an additional fee of $50

Fixed price irrespective if whether you want waterfall clauses, trust arrangements or guardianship arrangements and there are NO CONSULTATION OR HIDDEN CHARGES.

Scope of work Our nett fixed fee includes: - 30 minutes consulation - Up to 2 revisions - 2 x original signed hardcopy Will to take home on the same day - 2 Lavocat staff as witnesses

Do note that for our fee above there is a maximum of 3 waterfall clauses (layers of beneficairies), 6 named beneficiaries and 3 specific gifts*. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Specific Gifts

*Specific gifts are gifts from your assets intended to be given to a specific person or group of people.

These gifts can be a specific item/policy/account or a class/group of asset.

Example 1 - In your Will, you wish to give (a) all proceeds from your AIA insurance policy 1234567 to Peter (b) and everything else (including unknown future assets) to Nancy This has 2 specific gifts.

Example 2 - In your Will, you wish to give (a) all the properties (including future properties) you own to Peter (b) $5,000 to Daniel (c) and everything else to Nancy This has 3 specific gifts.

Example 3 - In your Will, you wish to give (a) sell all the properties you own at the point of your death and give the proceeds equally to Peter, Daniel and Nancy (b) additional $5,000 each to Peter, Daniel and Nancy (c) and everything else to Sally This has 3 specific gifts.

Example 4 - In your Will, you wish to give (a) give everything you own in Australia to Peter (b) give everything you own in Malaysia to Nancy (c) and everything else to Sally This has 3 specific gifts.

Contact us or send us the completed questionnaire for a quote if your scope of work exceeds the above.

Download the questionnaire and email to

We will draft it on the spot in front of you after listening to your needs and you will collect it immediately on the day of your appointment i.e. no need to pay deposit and come back a second time to sign.

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