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Does your lawyer speak Chinese?

Does Your Lawyer Speak Chinese?

Our lawyer is able to converse and interpret Wills in Chinese including an attestation clause that the Will has been explained in Chinese to the Testator

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Do you draft Muslim Wills?

Do You Draft Muslim Wills?

L’Avocat Law does not practice Islamic law and does not draft Shariah compliant wills

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Marriage cancels a Will

Marriage Cancels a Will

Marrying someone AFTER you make a Will will cancel the Will, unless you insert a clause that the Will is made in contemplation of marriage

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Medical Certificate for Making a Will

Medical Certificate for Making a Will

Do you need a doctor's certificate for elderly people making their Will?

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Probate process in Singapore

Probate Process in Singapore

Your Executor must obtain probate of your Will before the banks, insurance companies, HDB or Singapore Land Authority will recognise it

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trust for children

Trust for Children

Should young children be given so much money at one go or should you arrange for your trustee to hold the money for them until they reach a certain age?

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Can your will cover future assets

Can Your Will Cover Future Assets

Your Will can expressly be stated to include assets acquired in the future

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Why you must include a residuary clause in your Will

Why You Must Include a Residuary Clause in Your Will

A residuary clause is a "catch all" clause

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Joint Wills and mirror wills difference

Joint Wills and Mirror Wills Difference

Should you do a joint Will which is one single Will executed by two parties?

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What can't you give away in a Will

What Can't You Give Away in a Will

There are two main things you cannot give away by a Will.

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