Are you looking for a Singapore Wills Lawyer to draft your Will for a nett fixed price of S$180 and collected on the same day?

At L’Avocat Law, we understand that having your Last Will and Testament drawn up is a major decision to make. We aim to make the process as simple and affordable as possible and provide same day on-the-spot drafting.

Our wills are all at a nett fixed price of S$180 regardless of complexity or the number of assets you have.

When comparing law firms or Will writing companies, always take note of the word "FROM $xxx" which always means you will be asked to top up more money depending on the number of clauses and complexity. That is NOT our business model at l'avocat Law LLC.

A real lawyer (the one you see in the videos - not a paralegal or secretary) will draft it on the spot in front of you after listening to your needs and you will collect it immediately on the day of your appointment i.e. no need to pay deposit and come back a second time to sign.

Video: Why You Should Have a Will

Video: How to Book a Will with L'Avocat Law LLC